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Cookies : Cookies are Handmade by Traditional Method perfected over the years and are baked in automated Oven for even color and taste. Cookies are made from margarine as it has no cholesterol and is low in saturated fat. No other Fatty substance is used as compare to other brands.

Mouth Freshner : All Mouth Freshners (MUKHWAS) are manufactured using finest ingredients and right combinations to tickle the taste buds after every meal.The Ingredienst are mixed in right % to give the right flavour and taste. All approved colors with permitted qty are used while making the mouth freshners attractive and colorful using certified colors.

Rusk : Rusk is manufactured in compatible combination of Oils maintain its natural flavor while baking and keeping the FAT LOW. It is Baked in automated Oven for making it even in color and taste. Keeping 100% compliance with importing country norms.


Candies : Candies are made keeping taste for all ages From sugar boiled to Natural Mango pulp candy. All colors used are certified and apporved by concered authorities. Each candy is checked and packed thru machines and packed in hygenic conditions.


Heena: Gazab Natural or Herbal henna (Mendhi) blended with finest herbs for HAIR CARE.


Sharbat :


Aam Papad : Aam Papad are made using pure mango pulp and aged to perfection. Different forms are available for different tastes. Unique item like Jalebi for the first Time Aam Papad is combined with dry fruits with unique shape like Jalebi.
Pan Items : Pan items are made keeping the traditinal taste at priority. These items are perfect for taste buds after every meal.
Jaggery : Plain Gur , obtained from well refined juice of sugar cane pure punjabi style.
Masala : Pure Masala , taken from reliable sources.


Garam Masala


Plain Aam Gotli

Turmeric Powder

Misl :


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